10 ways to Earn Enough Money to Quit your Job

Financial Independence

Maybe you want to travel full time and need a source of income?  Are you looking for a side hustle to help pay for your new car, RV or motorcycle?   Maybe you are wanting to work from home and  move toward being your own boss.  Whatever your reasons, there are ample opportunities online to become financially free and independent for someone that is willing to invest a bit of time and energy.   It is more than possible to quit your day job and live off of the income you can generate on your own. It will most likely not be easy.  It will most likely take some time and work.  It could very well lead to one of the most rewarding times in your life.  How would you like to be earning enough income to support your dreams and ambitions?  I am here to tell you that it can be done! People are doing it, each and everyday.  There are people travelling the world in vans and RV’s, living off of their online income.  There are people that have purchased their dream house, quit their job and followed every imaginable dream.  And you can do it too.  There is no deep secret.  The ideas and means are found right at your fingertips, and I will be providing a list to get you started.

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This list is by no means the only way that a person can make money online.  Nor is this list intended to be the holy grail of everything one must do in order to achieve a state of financial freedom.  This list is designed to not only give someone ideas as they make their own plans, but it is also designed to help spark the creativity within our minds.  Try as many of these ideas as you possibly can.  But at the same time, let your mind go free and think of ways that you can take these ideas and expand to make them bigger, better and uniquely yours!

 Start a blog to earn money

Are you a subject matter expert at something?  Do you enjoy writing?  Creating a blog and a website is actually quite easy.  There are a wide variety of companies that will host and manage the website for you.  Furthermore, there is still money to be made in blogs.  It may take a bit more work than it did just a few years back, but it is very much still a way to earn money on the internet. Starting a blog doesn’t have to be a costly proposition. You can start a simple blog for free at blogger or WordPress. From there you can add on to get your own domain name, upgrade your service levels at WordPress or chose a different website/blog hosting site.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has exploded with videos created by people just like you and me. Some of these creators have managed to make a  VERY decent income off of their videos! In 2019 the top earner made $26 million! That is at the top end, but I also know a 19 year old that lives locally and he is making  $100,000 a year off of his YouTube channel. There is money to be made on YouTube! And it’s easy to begin.  Setting up a YouTube channel is free, just visit the website and start filming.  Of course, to start your own channel you will need some sort of camera to film your footage and don’t forget your imagination! Some people film with their phones, but I invested and bought a GoPro Hero 7 (affiliate link) due to the fact that I sometimes film hikes and mountain bike rides and needed something that was hearty and was capable of filming  action scenes well. I have not regretted that decision even once! It has been so awesome for creating videos that I may soon upgrade to the GoPro Hero 8! (affiliate link)

Capitalize on your photography skills

Sell  your photography through websites that specialize in  selling stock photography. There are a variety of websites that you can join that will manage your photographs. The royalties vary from site to site and you can still retain the rights to your photography through many of these sites. If you love photography and have multiple hard drives filled with high quality pictures, this is a great option to make some money.  There are a few different sites out there.  Adobe Stock   or  Shutterstock  are just two of them,  there are plenty more options out there.  Pick the site that best meets your desires based on the terms and conditions.

Write an ebook

If you have always wanted to write a book or have already done so consider self publishing. The market is wide open for self publishing and one of the easiest places to do so is through Amazon. Amazon has made the process quick and painless. I have self published a few items, most recently a memoir about online dating. The sky is the limit. Write whatever genre interests you most:  How to, fiction, non fiction whatever you want! Find your niche and self publish!

Freelance Writing

Help companies out with their need for well written documents and earn a bit of money at the same time.  Sites like Writer Access and iwriter are great sites that open up the doors to start building a reputation and portfolio.  These sites may pay a bit less than some of the larger freelance websites, but these sites are perfect for beginners because it is easier to snag a job.  Write when you want and where you want by accepting the jobs and deadlines that work with your desired schedule

Create a Product to Sell

Do you have a great idea for a craft item that everyone would love?  Something that is unique?  Well made?  Fun?   Start creating and start selling your items on the internet. You can definitely sell your products on your own website that you build and maintain.  However, if you want to make it a bit easier on yourself, set up a store on Etsy.

Freelance Work

Visit a freelance marketplace and pick up random gigs.    You can go on and advertise your services at a place like Fivver and earn money for your services. This is a lower paying  site offering low budget services, but it is another great place to work on building your portfolio and actually obtaining jobs.


People are listening to podcasts, a lot. As of April 2020 it was estimated that 25% of the population listened to podcasts weekly.  But oho is creating those podcasts?  People like you and me.  Everyday people that have something to say.   Find a niche and start talking!  You can start your own podcast at websites like Spreaker.

Affiliate Marketing

Build your internet presence and capitalize on that presence.  Utilize some of the various Affiliate Marketing programs.  Recommend products and include a link.  Anyone that clicks that link and purchases will earn you a small commission.  Amazon is one of the most common affiliate marketing programs, but you can find a multitude of them if you look.


Another way that you can capitalize on the internet presence that you build is through advertisements.  With a relatively low amount of work, you can allow advertisements to be placed on your website, before and during your youtube videos and in other prominent places online.   You will receive a small fee for every time someone clicks on the ad.  AdSense is one of the main advertisement websites that is  used, but there are plenty of other ones out there, including but not limited to Adthrive and smarty ads.

Quit your Job

Financial Freedom is at your fingertips.  There is no reason why you too can’t utilize these 10 methods for making money online and realize your every dream.   The dream to live independently from a typical job and to have enough money to live a full and vibrant life is yours.


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